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I am writing to describe two hounds I bought from Kyler in December 2019. To start, this has been my first experience hunting with hounds. The dogs I received have proven to be great trackers, shown incredible brains, have high endurance, and WILL NOT quit on a track. I have learned most of these things the hard way in some instances, but nonetheless, I believe these dogs will be legitimate cat hunters as they gain more experience. They have also shown very good speed while pushing a lion track and are very athletic overall. A bonus to these dogs is that they are very friendly toward people, including children. Kyler started these dogs for me as I did not have the time or knowledge to train them correctly. I picked them up when they were eight months old. They treed their first lion at ten months old, by themselves, without the help of older dogs (I have pictures and witnesses). The snow was not great this year so the next track they were able to run was approximately three weeks later. They put that lion in the tree after a three-mile run on the track and did it in short order. Finally, I would like to speak as to how Kyler operates as a person and professional. When researching what I may have to pay for a quality hound, I was a bit uneasy about these dogs’ ability, given I was not able to afford higher priced dogs. The uneasiness did not last long. Referring to my inexperience in this realm, I had lots of questions, wanted to know the progress of their training, and, though it was a blow to my ego, needed help with lion hunting strategies. Kyler was very informative and helped me a great deal through this process when others refused. It should be noted that I do not believe Kyler was obligated to anything once the dogs left his kennel, so I speaks to his character and investment in producing quality hounds. For what my word is worth, I would highly recommend Kyler’s dogs.

Derek Estep

I purchased a started 8 month old pup from Kyler this fall and couldnt be more impressed! Right out of the gate he joined the chase with the older dogs! He was a bit confused at the first bobcat tree he came to (just because the cat was well hidden) but after he finally figured out what was up there it was game on! He's got a great nose, great voice and bombproof feet. I'm not kidding when I say this hound will go ALL day. He is super well mannered around the house as well and would trust him around anyone or any other dog. I first heard about Kyler and Wheeler hounds from a friend that bought puppies from him 2 yrs prior to me buying Chief. My friend informed me he ran a great operation and he was a very personable guy to deal with. I couldnt be happier with the way I acquired Chief and the way he's turning out. I wouldn't think twice about purchasing another pup from Kyler!

Bryan Griffin
Forsyth, Montana

I highly recommend wheeler hounds. Kyler was super easy to work with and always kept me up speed on how she was doing. He sent me videos and was easy to get a hold of. The work he puts into these dogs really shows. This little girl is the biggest sweetheart you'll ever meet and you can totally tell he wasn't heavy handed with her at all. She fit right in with the other dogs with no problems at all. If you want a great hound get a hold him. You won't be disappointed.

I recently purchased a finished dog and started pup from Kyler. The finished dog has been nothing but awesome since I brought him home. He treed eight cougars in his first three weeks with me. In conditions varying from snow, dry ground, to crossing a river. The pup walked to the first three trees with me and then he saw a female jump and it clicked. From then on he has been a natural and made every tree trailing and treeing hard. I couldn't ask for more out of a pup or a finished dog. Any questions I've had about the dogs Kyler has answered. Great guy, great dogs!

Casey, Idaho

I got this dog named Clyde as a 2 year old, he was just a good looking walker that I wanted to give a try. Didn’t know much about him so I started to do some searching and found out he was out of a guys dogs from Utah named Kyle Wheeler. I had never heard of these dogs, as I started hunting Clyde it was clear this dog was special as a 2 year old he handles like a house dog, he is eager to please, very mellow around the kennel and great with kids. Clyde is one of those dogs that trees hard with 2 front feet on tree and try’s to blow the top off the tree, runs a track fast, he is smart and won’t stop until animal trees. Very loud tree dog, opens on the jump. Clyde really shines on the box for a 2.5 year old he can strike a track loud and clear dog loves to ride the box and my top dog now at 2.5 can’t wait to see what years brings with him but will be getting more dogs from Wheeler Hounds in the future this dog Clyde has really blown me away on just all around hound that will grind a track out all day and has a drive to hunt.

Travis, Washington

“I cant say enough about Kyler Wheeler and his hounds. Ive been privledged with the opportunity to hunt with Kyler and his hounds and have a dog “Zeus” from him that was brought up in his kennel and has now been hunting here in Northern Alberta with me in recent years. When it comes to handling, tracking in tough conditions, rigging, and general experience Zeus and many of his other dogs reflect true qualities of excellent fundamental and progressive training. Kylers started dogs are as good as many “finished dogs” from other states and provinces. Kyler hunts religously in some gorgeous areas and his passion for training and running dogs shows in his dogs like the Zeus dog i have here. Zeus has been a great addition to our team and i look forward to hunting with Kyler in the near future and picking up some more pups we have on the go with him from other lines. When looking for supplemental training, getting a started or finished dog, look to no other than Wheeler Hounds. You won’t get a more honest take on a dog and you can expect to get a truthful and accurate lay out on where the hound is at in its progression. Kyler puts faithful hours into his hounds and portrays what a true houndsmen is. Looking forward to future lines and pups with Wheeler and a continued friendship in the world of hounding. For further referencing feel free to contact at any time, Colby.”

Colby Norman
Norman Houndsmen

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